Commencement Profile: Amanda Waryasz

August 17, 2017

Amanda Waryasz—Interior Design

Amanda Waryasz is passionate about art, as well as helping others. Sharing a deep concern for the health of the planet, she and her friends created an organization where they used discarded clay from the pottery studio to make bowls.  They sold tickets to a potluck dinner, where the guests would eat from the bowls, and proceeds would benefit a local food pantry. 

At Wentworth, Waryasz participated in the Wentworth Environmental Collaboration Organization (WECO), where club members teach others about sustainability. She was also a member of the Student Wellness Education Empowerment Team (SWEET) and she had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the College of Architecture, Design, and Management’s Berlin-based study abroad program.

For her senior project, Waryasz chose to design a co-housing residence focused on sustainability and the inter-relationships of the residents who will live there.

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

Opportunity.  From my experience at Wentworth, I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people, have had the opportunity to travel and learn abroad, compete in design competitions, explore my design career goals, learn from industry professionals, and meet like-minded curious individuals.  All experiences have helped broaden my horizons and I am very thankful for all of it.

How has Wentworth prepared you for post-graduate life?

Requiring co-ops is extremely helpful in prepping for “real life.” Real job experience has helped me a lot in the realization of the industry and standards.  Also, I know what to look for in a firm as well as some direction of the type of design that I want to pursue which is useful when just starting out.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or has helped you through your career here?

I have to choose just one? I have found the majority of my professors to be inspiring, personable, and fun to learn from. I will always remember [Department of Interior Design Chair] Sean Stewart’s tagline of “Stay Curious,” and no matter how obvious and repetitive it seemed to me at the time, I am now realizing that I hope that never changes.

What advice would you offer to students just entering Wentworth?

Let go of preconceived ideas of how college “should be” and start speaking to your inner goals and interests.  A college setting provides students with a lot of opportunity for exploration and movement, and speaking to your inner self and personal goals will help make these opportunities more valuable.

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