Commencement 2018: Bryan Schartel Urges Students to Try Something New

August 16, 2018

Portrait of a student in front of a brick wall

Bryan Schartel, BSEN ‘18, has always sought to welcome different student groups to campus and help them grow and find their place at Wentworth. He has served as a commuter assistant, functioning as an advocate for commuter students and creating opportunities for them to meet. Schartel has also been involved in New Student Orientation and Wentworth Opening Week.  

What is your favorite thing about your Wentworth experience?

Seeing students that were in my orientation groups grow and take on their own leadership roles on campus. It’s very rewarding to see students find their niche and mature. The transition from first-year student to senior is remarkable in so many ways.

How has Wentworth prepared you for post-graduate life?

Wentworth has encouraged me to raise concerns, no matter how small, or ask for clarification if I’m unsure of instructions. It allows me to do better, dodge pitfalls, and generally succeed more.  

What are you planning to do after commencement?

I’m returning to Raytheon IADC in Andover, Mass., where I worked for my optional sophomore co-op.

Who is someone at Wentworth that you’ve greatly admired or looked up to?

Professor Stephen Chomyszak. He’s an incredibly dedicated instructor who is not afraid to admit when he’s wrong, and finds ways of explaining things to make them relatable.  He’s always willing to put in extra time if a student requests it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenges his classes have presented me with.

What advice would you offer to students entering Wentworth?

Try. Try a club that interests you. Try for better grades. Try to get to know the new people surrounding you. Just go and try something new. Life is full of things to try. Will you enjoy them? You won’t know unless you try.

--Samuel Kim

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