Co-op Finds a Mentor at Salesforce

November 30, 2017

Francheska Nunez, BSIS ’19

Francheska Nunez, BSIS ’19

Despite working for one of the largest cloud-computing companies in the world—and one that Forbes recently named most innovativeFrancheska Nunez, BSIS ’19, never felt like a co-op during her recent time with Salesforce.

“Since day one, if I walked into a meeting, [my boss] would introduce me and would expect me to be treated the same way as any other employee,” says Nunez.

As a project specialist, Nunez, a U.S. Navy veteran, worked with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud platform, assisting with projects related to predictive analytics and business personalization. She says that she was a “major contributor on projects” less than a week into the role.

Nunez appreciates that she was invited to make meaningful contributions to the company’s efforts, complete with the learning curves and collaborative experiences that accompany such challenges.  And in conjunction with the opportunity to be tested by real-world challenges, Nunez believes she also found a mentor in her co-op manager.

“My manager is a [military] veteran just like myself and, even within the interview process, she was giving me pointers on how she has gotten to where she is,” says Nunez. “So that immediately gave me the feeling that this would be the right place for me to start.”

Nunez also believes that she received the help she needed, while feeling like an important part of the overall Salesforce picture.

“Because of my manager,” she says, “if I was working on a small piece of the puzzle, I understood how that small piece played into the actual puzzle itself, taking it all in together.”

--Stephen Kim

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