Checking in with Noex at MassChallenge

July 25, 2016



When we last spoke with the Massachusetts trio called Noex, they had just gotten into MassChallenge as one of the 128 finalist startups for the 2016 year. The team, made up of two Startup Challenge alums, Scott Bonney BELM ’14; Brandon Dryer BELM ’14; and their friend Dan Zaleski WPI – BSECE ’15 and BSRBE ’15; are working to change the world of physical therapy by creating a wearable device that will provide physical therapy patients with immediate feedback and data on their progress and form. The data will then be able to be sent to a doctor to monitor their progress. You can read more about Noex in their first story here.

Now a month into the “most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet” we spoke with Scott Bonney to get an update on the team and their progress. Read more here!

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