Catching Up With Noex

November 28, 2016

The last time we checked in with former Accelerate Startup Challenge team, Noex, they were just starting their time at MassChallenge. Now, the program has come to an end and the team is looking ahead to a future of helping hospitals save money and patients recover faster with their DOT (Data on Therapy), a fitness tracker designed to passively monitor and track the activity of an individual regaining range of motion after injury or surgery. We caught up with Scott Bonney, CEO, to hear a little more about the team’s time at MassChallenge.

What was your time like at MassChallenge?
“MassChallenge was great. It’s funny, looking back, we actually had a head start on most other companies since Brandon and I had participated in Accelerate’s Startup Challenge. I found that MassChallenge really continued to ingrain and go in-depth on everything that I learned at Accelerate; such as gaining in-depth knowledge on what the problem is you’re trying to solve, working with all stakeholders throughout the entire development of our product and company, and most importantly learning from doing and never being afraid to get out and talk to people.”

What was the most beneficial part of this program?
“I found one of the greatest things MassChallenge provided was credibility. Using their name and network we were able to find mentors and get introductions to industry leaders in the healthcare and high-tech industries. The other major benefit of participating in MassChallenge is the community. You’d think everyone is competing to win money and be the best startup at MassChallenge but that’s not the case. Everyone’s friendly and extremely helpful, we all work together pursuing a common goal of creating a great product to make a positive impact in someone’s life.”

What was the most difficult part about the experience?
“Going out and talking with patients, clinicians and getting out of the office. Getting these meetings on the books was a bit of a challenge. Credibility with MassChallenge came in huge to help in this area; it made people want to work with us. They were excited to meet with us and talk with us about what we are doing.”

You recently had the opportunity to present at MassMEDIC, how did this come about?
“One of our mentors sent us an email with a link to the event and all we had to do was fill out a form with information about our team and product, so it was pretty simple. We were one of 23 startups given ten minutes to present our company in front of 300 attendees at MassMEDICs MedTech Showcase. The crowd voted on each presentation using 1 to 10 scale to determine which company they most liked and seemed most promising. We ended up winning ‘Best Overall Presentation’. During the showcase we made many great connections and won in-kind services from Continuum. We are currently working with them to set a date for a half day Design Thinking workshop.”

Your team has grown since we last spoke, how has WIT factored into this?
“We brought on Danielle Harrod who graduated this past summer with a degree in Industrial Design. She was working on a similar product, a device for physical therapy, and now she is giving us a hand with the design work we are doing. We also brought on Ancel Hernandez who is doing programming for us.”

What is next for Noex now that MassChallenge has ended?
“We’re currently working with clinicians and industry professionals on product development. Our main goal is to get our device and platform into the hands of clinicians as soon as possible for trial runs and testing.”

You can keep up with Noex on Twitter.

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