Catching Up With Ciro Podany (ARCH '14)

November 21, 2017

Ciro Podany (ARCH, ‘14), an alumn of the Startup Challenge, has found himself in Hawaii, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and creating bamboo homes as part of Bamboo Living, a sustainable prefab architecture company. For him it’s a dream come true designing innovative and beautiful structures that are low impact on the Earth. He has his hands in everything from sales and marketing to design and project management. He credits Accelerate with enhancing his entrepreneurial spirit and giving him a fire to do great things that better people’s lives. We recently caught up with him to hear more about his Hawaiian adventure and how Accelerate has impacted his life these past three years. 

ACCELERATE: How did you end up in Hawaii doing what you are doing now?
PODANY: I ended up in Hawaii when a friend asked me if I wanted to join him in developing his father’s 63 acres of farmland. I said yes!! I had been working hard at architecture school for the past 5 years and was ready to experience a self directed and free lifestyle living off of the land.

ACCELERATE: Did you always have an entrepreneurial spirit or was it Accelerate that helped bring it out?
PODANY: I’ve always loved creating things with groups of people, but never pushed myself to really consider doing it on a more serious platform. Accelerate brought my whole frame of perspective to the next level.

ACCELERATE: How did what you learned at Accelerate guide you after you graduated?
PODANY: I found the fire that burns to do great things that better people’s lives and the world as a whole. This fire guides me through all that I do, and gives me the razor sharp and steadfast focus needed to succeed with vigor! It led me to launching a successful startup with good friends on the Big Island of Hawaii, which helps educate college students about permaculture, farm-to-table, and cco-design. When unexpected or unfortunate challenges occurred it led me to keep on pivoting and never stop rising.

ACCELERATE: What was the most important thing you took away from Accelerate?
PODANY: Accelerate instilled within me a deep respect and understanding for the passion and hard work that is required for launching an idea into the world. The most important thing I learned was the power of others. Essentially no idea matters if it doesn’t matter to others. I discovered how a great idea is something that builds relationships. Almost all great ideas are not possible with just one mind. When we multiply the brains involved in a process the potential routes to success multiply exponentially.

ACCELERATE: How did Accelerate impact your overall college experience?
PODANY: Accelerate was super fun in college because of the dynamic, innovative, and social environment. I loved seeing the work and passion of others. It was great having a totally free space where we could create anything we wanted! Being able to form your own team and just go after an idea was a special experience that I will never forget. It’s probably an experience I will continually seek out through my life. The environment was a special place, and weekly talks from awesome local entrepreneurs made a big impact on me. There are things I’ve learned in those talks that are still with me today. This was a true Think Tank and motivated me to go for nothing short of excellence.

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