Catching up with Accelerate’s Beantown Throwdown Team

October 14, 2016

“Arrowood”- Catching up with Accelerate’s Beantown Throwdown Team

Earlier this month, during Boston Hubweek’s Beantown Throwdown, a dozen start-up teams from local universities pitched their ideas, with their eyes on claiming their share of $25,000 in prizes. The Wentworth team, a duo of Ethan Arrowood and Sophia Seltenreich, pitched their company Arrowood, a cloud based registration and data management software and received a great response from the crowd. I caught up with Ethan after the event to gain insight into his experience and takeaways.

FegaHi Ethan, so for the benefit of our audience that haven’t heard of Arrowood, what is Arrowood?

Ethan: Arrowood is a cloud-based, dynamic, web application that targets summer camps but can be scaled to any other small business organization. Arrowood aims to streamline the process of registration and managing summer camps by providing a bespoke solution that caters to the needs of both the camp and participants alike. I believe the industry to be as large as $18 billion and Arrowood is in a good position to capture a significant chunk of this market.

FegaThat’s great to know, so what was your motivation for starting Arrowood?

Ethan: My motivation stems from first hand experience of the challenges faced in trying to register for summer camp programs. I speak from both sides of the equation having participated in camps and recently managing one this last summer. The current process involves a lot of paperwork which often gets lost in transit from one party to another. This makes the process very long and tiring for the parents and the camp organizers.

Fega: Pitching at the Beantown Throwdown, what was that like?

Ethan: It was a great experience, this being my first time in front of a crowd that size and having to sell my idea. I gained a lot from this experience in terms of managing my allocated time as well as answering questions on the spot from the judges. Speaking to the organizers after the event, I was told I ranked 4th out of 12 teams and even higher than MBA students from Harvard and MIT.

Fega: So what’s the vision for Arrowood going forward?

 Ethan: I am currently working on the beta version for the Accelerate pitch round event on November 17th. I am utilizing the services of the computer science society on campus as a first hand user feedback service for the application. I am aiming for Summer 2018 as the launch date for the service. Currently I am juggling developing the app while Sophia is working on marketing and researching potential clients. Also looking for a partner developer with experience with JavaScript. If you know of any kindly direct them my way.

 You can follow Ethan and the progress of Arrowood via Twitter- @arrowood_io.

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