Can Boston Learn from Amsterdam? Group Dives into Dutch Model of Land Re-use

March 21, 2019

large city with large white location markers

Wentworth partnered with the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Tapp/NL, Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell, the City of Boston, and community and local industry leaders, on an event (March 22 and 23) called Reclaiming Space Boston.

Participants explored the Dutch experience with land re-use, developed strategies to identify and analyze underutilized or blighted properties in Dorchester and Mattapan, and devised solutions to the issues. The “exchange lab” was a 24-hour, hands-on workshop that used digital tools and data collection, and applied design thinking, immersion techniques and rapid prototyping.

“Throughout history, the Dutch have been world famous for reclaiming land and space,” said Monique Fuchs, associate vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship at Wentworth. “Their innovative approach may inform how Boston can ideate concrete solutions alongside the community and contribute to revitalization of neighborhoods.”

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