Apartments at 525 Huntington Celebrated at Ribbon-Cutting Event

October 31, 2014

Mayor Walsh and Other Dignitaries Present for Dedication

Mayor Walsh and Other Dignitaries Present for Dedication

Standing seven stories tall and boasting 110,870 square feet of suite-style living, the Apartments at 525 Huntington Avenue represent a major success for Wentworth Institute of Technology and the students who occupy the space. On October 28, the Institute’s newest residence hall was officially dedicated.

Held in neighboring Tudbury Auditorium, the ribbon-cutting ceremony featured words from President Zorica Pantić, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Trustee Bob Murray, Councilor Josh Zakim, Beacon Architectural Vice President Michael Coleman, Bond Brothers Construction CEO Ed Bond, and Wentworth student Mike Webb, BELM ’15.

As a champion of creating higher-education opportunities for residents of the city, as well as more on-campus housing for students, Mayor Walsh noted that the building further cements Wentworth as a school that gives back to the city.

“This truly is a community project,” Walsh said. “We’re looking to create more residence halls to work with our neighbors in the city, and we’re looking for partners in education. This building is an example of both.”

President Pantić stressed that the Institute is fortunate to find its location in the heart of the city and that the Apartments at 525 allow students to take advantage of world-class facilities.

“We’ve become a residential school in the last 10 years, and we’re very proud of that,” she said. “We have record enrollment this year and now even more opportunity for our students to reside on campus.”

Murray, a Wentworth trustee and the president of BOND, noted that involving himself with a project such as this one was an easy decision.

“I thought about what a college should stand for, and I thought that a lot of other schools could take a lesson from this job factory known as Wentworth,” Murray said. “Wentworth is graduating very successful students into the workforce.”

Zakim referred to Wentworth as a “phenomenal citizen in the City of Boston. Wentworth’s commitment to community and making sure that its impact on neighbors is minimal is great.”

Students moved into the new apartments at the start of the fall semester, and Webb was among them. Webb, who also serves as a senior resident assistant at 525, brought laughter to the room as he joked that it was “great to see so many of my fans here today.”

Webb went on to recount his time living in Vancouver Apartments last year and having a front-row seat for the construction of 525. “I could not be more impressed with how quickly the building went up and how well it turned out,” he said. “There’s a lot of pride in living on campus and it helps more with the success rate of students.”

Coleman thanked the Wentworth community for the opportunity to work on the 525 project, noting that it was completed in “less than 16 months thanks to a large collaborative effort.” Bond also noted the various partnerships that helped complete the project saying, “Not only do we work on great projects here at Wentworth, but we get to work with great people.”

Walsh, who spent years in the building world as the president of the Laborers Local 223 union, stated that the Apartments at 525 were constructed in a sustainable way and designed with amenities that cause students to want to stay on campus.

“This school produces great students for innovation and technology,” said Walsh. “The students here grow and gain experience for the working world and further help our local economy.”

Other dignitaries in attendance were State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, City Councilor Tito Jackson, and Representative Jeff Sanchez. Walsh officially presented Pantić with the lodging and dormitory license, while Coleman presented her with the architectural blueprints for the building.


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