Animal Designs Featured in Library Exhibit

February 12, 2018

Animal Designs Featured in Library Exhibit

Animal Designs Featured in Library Exhibit

An array of colorful animal figurines has made its way into the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons as part of an exhibit entitled “Animal Abstraction.” The exhibit, featuring bent-acrylic pieces created by sophomores in the Department of Industrial Design, will be on display until February 23 in the Guarracino Family Gallery.

Faculty directing the project—including assistant professors Carlos Villamil and Bill Bancroft; Sam Montague, chair, and Simon Williamson, associate professor, all of the Department of Industrial Design—took their inspiration from American design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames, a husband and wife duo known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts. The couple also worked with bent plywood in the 1940s, which led to an innovative range of furniture and other items that are still in production today.

Wentworth students in Design Studio 3 used that Eames model to take a complex form, and refine the shape and details into a simplified, clear, visual statement.

Rhonda Postrel, librarian-curator, said the display includes books about the project, such as The Work of Charles and Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention by Donald Albrecht and Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs by Samantha Friedman. Students created instructional books to complement their work.

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--Sumya Mohiuddin

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