Anil Jha, MET ’68, Offers ‘Innovator Insights’ to IPO Education Fund

July 15, 2016

Anil Jha, MET ’68

Anil Jha, MET ’68

Anil Jha, MET ’68, HON. ’15, is featured this month in the “Innovator Insights” section of the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation (IPOEF) online publication.

The article, “Anil Jha: Leading the World to More Eco-Friendly Water,” recounts Jha’s early days at Wentworth Institute of Technology and his move into a career based in water technology, including his innovative work in electrodeionization, a method of purifying water using electricity.

“The most important thing for me—and what makes me proudest—is that my inventions have prevented hundreds of thousands of chemicals from polluting the environment,” Jha tells IPOEF.

Jha additionally discusses the importance of patents, his ideas for future projects, and advice to other inventors and entrepreneurs.

Innovator Insights is IPOEF’s forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, and the role IP plays for them, and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

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