Alumni Combine Storytelling and Career Advice for Boston’s STEAM Community

January 4, 2019

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From left: Elizabeth DiBenedetto, Olakunle Lawal, and William Ma (all CIS’18).

How can you use storytelling and career advice as a resource for Wentworth students exploring their career paths and passions? That’s just the question three alumni are answering as they provide career-focused content for the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) community in Boston.  

Elizabeth DiBenedetto, Olakunle Lawal, and William Ma, all CIS ’18, are team members of STEAM Boston, a digital media website launched in September. One goal is to serve as a platform that offers career advice for STEAM students and professionals in the greater Boston area. Site visitors will find tips on acing an interview, building a LinkedIn profile, and working a career fair. 

The main part of STEAM’s mission, however, is to empower and inspire Boston’s STEAM community through telling the stories of STEAM students and professionals. These stories, which are mostly in Q&A format, not only offer advice, but also motivate students to challenge themselves and strive for the best.  

Most content features current or former Wentworth students. William Ma, one of the co-founders of STEAM, says the various people he met at Wentworth through his classes, leadership positions, and clubs helped him realize that everyone had a story to tell. 

“I met so many students who had a story that could impact others,” Ma says. “They had amazing experiences and advice that I felt should be featured with a larger audience.”  

That was exactly why he and fellow co-founder Olakunle Lawal decided to create a website that consolidated inspiring stories and career advice into one platform.  

So far, STEAM has featured the stories of dozens of Wentworth community members, ranging from current students discussing their co-op experiences to fellow alumni working full time or those pursuing a graduate school education. The team hopes that these stories can demonstrate people using their degrees and passions to make the world a better place.  

“We want people to know that STEAM isn’t just about science and math; it's about going beyond and into the community with your passions and skills,” Lawal says. “That’s why we’re trying to show people in the correct light, because STEAM and STEM are more than what people imagine them to be.” 

STEAM’s mission to be a resource for Boston’s STEAM community stems from the rich career-building experiences and resources that its team members were able to access at Wentworth.  

Elizabeth DiBenedetto, STEAM’s digital marketing manager, says she and her team members realized that not everyone attends a school with a co-op program. That is why STEAM “strives to be a big support system and make sure that no student or recent grad in the area feels alone in building their career,” she says.  

As STEAM quickly establishes itself as a valuable resource to the STEAM community in Boston, the team hopes to grow in what they have to offer. They plan to curate more job postings, tailor career advice to specific majors, and introduce new forms of media, including podcasts and Spotify playlists.  

Lawal says that one of the proudest moments the team experienced was when someone commented on one of their articles and asked for more tips on how to find a job.  

“We were so happy when we saw that [comment], because it shows that what we’re doing really works and can change lives,” Lawal says. “We want to help people and connect them with the endless opportunities out there, and we’re starting to accomplish that.” 

--Samuel Kim

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