Air Force General Praises Wentworth’s Role in World War Efforts, Thanks Veterans

November 13, 2017

Maj. Gen. Kimberly A. Crider just prior to her November 10 address on campus.

Maj. Gen. Kimberly A. Crider just prior to her November 10 address on campus. Photo by Heratch Ekmekjian.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Kimberly A. Crider, speaking at a November 10 tribute to military veterans, thanked those who have dedicated themselves to the U.S. Armed Services—young and old—and praised Wentworth Institute of Technology for its history as a key training institution for soldiers during World War I and World War II.

“Wentworth, we thank you,” she said. “You, too, answered the call when your nation needed you. We would not be the country we are and we would not enjoy the freedom we enjoy without this institution.”

The ceremony, held the day before Veterans’ Day 2017, marked Wentworth’s 10th year of organizing a luncheon on campus to honor the nation’s veterans.

Addressing a small group of World War II and Vietnam veterans in Watson Auditorium, Crider drew a standing ovation for her expression of gratitude to older veterans and appeal for leadership to younger men and women just embarking on military careers.

Crider, chief data officer for the Air Force, was commissioned through the ROTC program at Duke University in 1986, served eight years on active duty, and has been in the Reserves for more than 20 years.

 “What an amazing thing to celebrate all of those who have ever donned the uniform and those who continue to serve today,” she said.

“We give each one of these men our deepest gratitude.”

“She gave a great speech,” said Martin “Marty” D. Guyer, a 1964 Wentworth graduate and corporator who flew combat-support missions over Vietnam during his career in the United States Air Force. A 2nd Lieutenant Naval aviator during the war, Guyer was released from active duty in 1970 and stayed in the Reserves until retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1991. He founded two firms that design and administer employee benefits, MDG Associates Inc. and MDG Associates of Connecticut, and received an honorary doctorate from Wentworth in 2012.

Guyer and President Zorica Pantić were among the attendees, along with other senior administrators and staff members who helped to plan the Veterans’ Day event.

Crider told young cadets in the audience that the future of the country’s armed services depends on them.

“Don’t be afraid to lead because that’s what we need you to do,” she said. “Our country has never needed you more.”

--Dennis Nealon


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