Floors Center for Engineering, Innovation and Science

Over its nearly 115-year history, Wentworth has grown from a technical school into a leader in experiential education focused on design, management, engineering and sciences. The Institute has expanded its curriculum and enrollment over the past century, and over the past 14 years has invested over $300,000,000 in campus infrastructure, the latest of which is our first new academic building from the ground up in over 45 years.

The new Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences is the next step in Wentworth’s evolution—a bold, physical representation of the Institute’s growth, and of its vision for the future.

The four-story, multipurpose building consists of 75,000 square feet of laboratory, teaching, and office space, a large community presentation area, as well as numerous gathering spaces for students, faculty, and staff. The building houses Wentworth’s Biological, Biomedical and Civil Engineering Departments; Accelerate, Wentworth’s innovation and entrepreneurship center; an additive manufacturing center; as well as Wentworth’s Externally Collaborative, Project-Based, Interdisciplinary Culture for Learning (EPIC) initiative.


Virtual Tour of Building

Video courtesy of Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects