Branding Guidelines

The Wentworth Brand

In 2014, after an extensive research and discovery phase, Wentworth introduced components of its new brand identity. Along with new logos, fonts, and colors, the brand includes messaging components that will continue to position Wentworth as a leader in hands-on, career-focused education.

This website includes information on Wentworth's graphic identity system, as well as messaging components and information on preferred vendors for your print projects. If you have any questions, please contact 

Wentworth’s branding guidelines provide detailed information on the visual identity system and messaging for the Institute and outline the framework for logo standards, typography, and color.


Please refer to the Branding Guidelines for information on logo usage. The primary “shield-and-type” logo should be used in most instances.

shield and type logo

Shield and Type Logo [ Right-click to Download: JPG | PNG | EPS ]

WIT Stacked Logo (color)

WIT Stacked Logo  [ JPG | PNGEPS ]


Shield [ Right-click to Download: JPG | PNG | EPS ]

WIT Stacked Logo

WIT Stacked Logo (B&W) [ JPG | PNG | EPS ]

W Logo

W Graphic - Transparent or White Background [ Right-click to Download: JPG | PNG | EPS ]

W graphic on black background

W Graphic - Black Background [ Right-click to Download: JPG | PNG | EPS ]


Wentworth’s primary and secondary colors are as follows. Please refer to the Branding Guidelines for information on usage.

Primary Logo Colors

Red Yellow Rich Black



PMS 186

PMS 109

PMS Black

Secondary Color Variations

Dark Red Orange Yellow Orange Metallic Silver

PMS 187

PMS 158

PMS 130

PMS 877


The two primary typefaces for externally focused publications are Apex New and Minion. If you do not have access to these typefaces, Arial and Georgia, commonly found in the font libraries for most operating systems, may be used. Arial and Georgia may also be used when designing digital communications.

Source Sans Pro is a free Google font that should be used in place of Apex New for web and mobile devices.

For more information on typefaces, please refer to the Branding Guidelines.


To order Wentworth letterhead, business cards, and envelopes, please visit the Wentworth Purchasing Department.

PowerPoint Template

This template should be used for all Institute-related presentations.

Preferred Vendors

The Office of Communication can recommend the right vendor for your publication project based on budget and scope. The following are Wentworth’s preferred vendors for design and writing.



Writing Style Guidelines

The Wentworth Writing Style Guide includes information on Wentworth house style as well as commonly confused rules and tips for writing clearly. The guide is meant to be used in conjunction with a high-quality dictionary such as The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language and The Associated Press Stylebook.

The Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons

In 2016, after an extensive renovation, the Wentworth library reopened as the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons. Please use the full name of the library on first reference.

Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons - Horizontal [ Right-click to Download: JPG | EPS ]

Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons - Stacked[ Right-click to Download: JPG | EPS ]