Minor in Manufacturing

A student uses a mill machine in the Manufacturing Center. She is wearing safety goggles.


Students pursuing a minor in Manufacturing will be required to take the Fundamentals of Manufacturing exam administered by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). If the exam is successfully passed the student will become a Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT).

Student looks through a hole in a piece of manufacturing equipment

Required courses

  • MECH2300 Engineering Graphics (3 credits)
  • MANF1000 Manufacturing Processes (4 credits)
  • MANF2000 Computer Aided Manufacturing (3 credits)
  • MANF3000 Manufacturing Engineering (3 credits)
  • One course in economics (ECONXXXX, 4 credits)
  • PSCH4552 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (4 credits)

Total Credits 21

Milling machine in the MANF Center carving a heart design into an aluminium plate.