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NuVu Tutorials

Creating NuVu Studio in Bb

  1. Mouse over Assessments above, expand the menu and click on NuVuTool

    Choose NuVu Tool from Tools drop down menu
  2. Under Name, enter "NuVu Course"
  3. Under Grading, enable Evaluation. This creates a column in the Blackboard Grade book that can be used in overall grade calculation - Blackboard and NuVu. For Points Possible, if using NuVu assignments only, enter 100. Otherwise, enter the total number of points for NuVu assignments.
  4. Click Submit

    Enable evaluation

Clicking on the resulting link will create a NuVu section associated with this course. In multiple section courses, this is done by a designated course coordinator only (see Additional NuVu Tutorials below).

Once the NuVu section is created and content added, please instruct the students to login into Blackboard and enter NuVu by clicking on this link. This will enroll them in the NuVu course.

When NuVu Shell is First Created

Note: Your NuVu Course Title will be the same as that in Blackboard. Please DO NOT change it!

screen shot of NuVu

Creating Sections - Course Coordinators Only

  • Click on Settings icon --> Setup

      Screen shot - pointing to settings icon
  • Under Setup, click on Tabs
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, click on Add Tab, choose Sections from the drop down menu and click on Save:
  • Navigate to the Sections tab. Type in section name (use section instructors' last names, e.g. "Epshteyn") and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Uploading Syllabus

In the Syllabus tab, click on text box with "Enter Title Here". This will open a text editor. Enter Title, such as "Syllabus". . . Click on File. Follow the prompts for uploading a file, then click on Publish.

Adding Resources

  • Navigate to the Resources tab. Type in resource name (e.g. "Readings") and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click on the resulting resource folder.
  • Click on text box with "Enter Title Here". This will open a text editor. Enter Title, such as "Week 1 Readings". Upload files or type text into the box. When done, click on Publish.



Setting up Projects

Project folders are created automatically for each student as they enter the course for the first time. However, instructors or course coordinators must set up Project Tabs for multiple assignments.

  • Click on Settings icon --> Setup

  • Under Setup, click on Tabs

  • Scroll down to Projects, add more Sub-tabs as needed (one for each assignment in the course), and create a Label for each assignment (e.g. Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Final Project, etc.). When done, click Save.
  • When students are added, project folders are automatically created for each student: