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Clickers are a great technology to use with your students in class - they promote an active learning approach to your teaching. Most research on the benefits of using clickers in the classroom has shown that students become engaged and enjoy using them.

Two key features distinguish clicker use:

  • Clickers provide a mechanism for students to participate anonymously.
  • Clickers integrate a "game approach" that may engage students more than traditional class discussion.

Here at Wentworth Institute of Technology, we use i>clickers, an easy plug-and-play system that requires no installation.

How to use i>clickers

i>clicker provides user-friendly technology that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically in minutes.

  1. Instructors ask questions through any presentation application
    Image: Instructor asks questions
  2. Students answer questions using their i>clicker
    Image: Students answer questions
  3. Instructor displays results in real-time and record
    Image: Instructor displays results

How do I get clickers for my class?

To obtain a set of i>clickers for your class, contact Ron Frattura at 617-989-4396 or email at

You will be provided with the following:

  • Instructor Kit
  • Instructor Quick Start Guide
  • Base receiver and USB cable
  • A/C power supply for base flash drive
  • Instructor remote (i>clicker)
  • Student i>clickers (number of i>clickers needed for your class)

How do I get trained on how to use i>clicker?

Before you begin using i>clickers in your class, we recommend that you receive formal training on how to use and assemble the Instructor Kit.  Please contact Ron Frattura at x4396 or email at

How does the i>clicker work?

iClicker Use at Wentworth