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Tips for Using Blackboard

  • To avoid duplicate menu items when copying a course from one term to another, do not select "Navigation Settings" .
  • Use Blackboard Rubrics to score assignments.
  • Use Blackboard's Text Box Editor attachment buttons to add documents with a context.
  • Reduce exam anxiety by providing Practice Tests in Blackboard.
  • Use the YouTube Mashup to add video to your Blackboard course.
  • Use a Blackboard Wiki for collaborative writing assignments.
  • Use Student Preview in Blackboard to see your course the way your students will see it.
  • Use the Date Management tool in Blackboard to adjust dates in a course copied from an earlier term.
  • Enter important dates in the Blackboard course calendar
  • Personalize your Blackboard course with an image in the banner.
  • Use a Blackboard template to provide consistent structure for your students.