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Dealing with Challenges

Anyone who teaches online has run into problems within their courses. Shifting from teaching to facilitation and consulting is a major game change when transitioning from face-to-face to online.

Adult Learning Theory

What is adult Learning anyway? Well, adults want engagement. They want to engage with the presenter, with each other and with the content. They want to be actively involved in their learning.

Online Professionalism and Ethics

So, is online learning more susceptible to academic dishonesty than other forms of instruction? Ask most people who don’t teach online about the likelihood of academic dishonesty in an online class and you will likely hear concerns about the many ways that students could misrepresent themselves online. The online environment simply opens up a different set of challenges that aren’t typically seen in traditional face-to-face courses.

Best Practices for Excellent Presentations in an Online Course

So, you’re ready to teach online.  Here you will learn about the different teaching and learning materials for online courses. 

Creating Online communities of Learning

What is a Community of Learners? Creating a community in an online course is essential to support student collaboration and social interaction, two main ingredients to facilitate learning. Research shows that students in online courses need engagement and share their experiences to be successful learners.