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Integrate Technology and Videos


“Teachers want the best for their young people and use new technologies in their lessons. But the delivery of this new technology and learning models is just as important – if not more important than the technology itself”
– Pamela Wright, executive headteacher at a British Council debate  “Is teaching obsolete?”

LIT has a number of tools to support teaching and learning. The selection of the right tool largely depends on the pedagogical goals and techniques – instructional technology should not be used simply for the sake of using technology. Learning outcomes and assessments should be considered prior to deciding on activities and supporting technology. This follows the methodology of Backwards Course Design, a proven method to align course goals, objectives, assessments, activities and technology to support those. Want to learn more about this method? Watch the overview video below. For more in-depth information, visit the Develop Courses pages.

Overview of Backward Course Design Method

How Technology Supports the Learning Outcomes

Allan Carrington’s Pedagogy Wheel is a visual tool that aligns the learning outcomes with the instructional activities and tools.

Examples of Instructional Technology at Wentworth

Video Databases at Wentworth

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Selected Examples of Free Tools and Apps and their Use for Teaching


Social Media

Cloud-based file sharing tools

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