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Adding Grade Center Columns


Tools in Blackboard such as quizzes and assignments will generate Grade Center columns tied to the assessment automatically. If you need to create a column for entering grades manually, such as for an in-class test, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the full grade center.
  2. Click the Create Column button on the Grade Center Action Bar:
    Create Column button on Grade Center Action Bar
  3. When the Create Column page opens, enter the Column Name and an optional description in the Column Information section. Avoid adding special characters such as the "#" symbol.
    Screenshot of Column Info section of Create Column page in Blackboard
  4. Choose the Primary Display type from Score, Letter, Percentage, Text, or Complete/Incomplete. This is the grade format that will display to the students. You may also choose a Secondary Display that will only be visible to you in the Grade Center.
  5. Enter the points possible and add a rubric if you are using one to grade the assignment. If using a rubric, make sure the "Show to Students'" option is set as you want. The default is to not show to the students, which is not what most instructors choose.
    Screenshot of additional options in the column info section of the create column page
  6. Enter a due date if desired in the Dates section.
    screenshot of Dates section of create column page
  7. Choose your options. Select Yes or No for including the column in grade center calculations ( weighting, averages and use in calculated columns), displaying to students, and showing statistics to students (Average and Median).
    screenshot of options section of create column page
  8. Click the Submit button when you are done.