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LIT Newsletters

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2018 Newsletters

  • October - Your Voice and the LMS Taskforce!
  • August - What's New, Fall Preview, Cooperative and Transparent Teaching
  • June - Workshops, Tips, and Technology Changes
  • April - Finals Prep, Video, and a Pilot
  • February - Exciting Programs, Resources, and Changes!

2017 Newsletters

  • December - Bb Changes, LIT Advisory Work, and Augmented Reality!
  • October - Portals, Tablets, Help, and Small Teaching!
  • July - Bb Mobile Apps Renamed, Video Survey, and Course Design for ABET!
  • June - Bb Mobile Updates, Academic Honesty, and Getting students to say: Flip this content!
  • April - Just in time Finals Tips, LIT Support and Faculty Showcase Pictures!
  • January - Tips for Faculty for Preventing, Detecting and Reporting Plagiarism in Student Assignments

2016 Newsletters

  • December - Finals Tips, Grade Submission Made Easy, LIT Drop-In Sessions, and Streamline Spring Course Prep!
  • October - Save Time with Attendance, Grade Submission and Finding Resources!
  • June - Submit Midterm Grades to Banner from Bb!
  • April - Final Exam Tips for Faculty and Students
  • February - Tests, EPIC courses, and Film on Demand

2015 Newsletters

  • December - Blackboard and Spring Semester Course Prep
  • October - Blackboard Smart Views, Clickers, and New Tools for Student Interaction