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LIT Advisory Committee

Who Represents Your Department?

The Learning Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee provides direction on ways to leverage innovative learning strategies and academic technology tools to foster excellence in teaching and learning at Wentworth. The committee acts as a conduit for the two-way dissemination of information to enhance communications among the faculty and academic leaders and provide a bridge for effective implementation of innovations in teaching and learning. We stay abreast of technological, philosophical, and operational advances that impact learning strategies, academic technology and provide advice on how Wentworth should prepare to support current and 21st century learners. Our goal is to foster excellence in teaching and learning at Wentworth.

When We Meet

The LIT Advisory Committee meets twice each term. The month that we meet we host two face to face meetings with the same agenda to maximize the face to face dialogue.

Committee Members

  • Lynn Cooke - Learning Innovation and Technology
  • John Cribbs - Construction Management
  • Siben Dasgupta - Electrical Engineering and Technology
  • Memo Ergezer - Computer Science and Computer Networking
  • Lizzie Falvey - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Ron Frattura - Learning Innovation and Technology
  • Joan Giblin - The Center for Academic Excellence 
  • Kimberly Hall - College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)
  • Liz Harris -- Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mel Henriksen - Applied Math
  • Chris Joanis - Wentworth Student Government 
  • Ali Kiapour - Biomedical Engineering
  • Kevin Kidd - Library
  • Ali Moazed - Mechanical Engineering and Technology
  • Kelly Parrish --  Provost Office
  • Troy Peters - Architecture
  • Naomi Ridge - Sciences
  • Vitaliy Saykin- Civil Engineering and Technology
  • Ke'Anna Skipwith - College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)
  • Cindy Stevens - Business Management and Facilities Management 
  • Don Tracia - Learning Innovation and Technology
  • Rick Trilling - Business Management and Facilities Management
  • Tes Zakrzewski - Learning Innovation and Technology 
  • Omair Zubairi -- Sciences

Interested in contributing to the LIT Advisory Committee? Contact your Department Chair.

LIT Advisory Priorities and Working Groups:


  • Academic Technology Tool Usage and Impact
    • Video Use and Tools
    • Plagiarism Detection and Education
    • On demand videos: and Atomic Learning
  • COF Bettering Learner Engagement Study

Guidelines and Projects

  • Teaching with Technology
  • LMS Exploration, Research, Course Template Recommendations

Faculty Professional Development Resources and Communication

  • Faculty Showcase: Teaching, Learning, Scholarship
  • Professional Development Workshops and Informal Group Conversations
  • LIT Online Resource Center