Study Abroad Opportunities in Industrial & Interior Design

GUTEN TAG! Would you like to study abroad?

In the second semester of the Junior year, students have the opportunity to study in Berlin Germany. This is a joint Industrial Design and Interior Design program with several shared classes. The semester begins with a two week travel course when students visit museums, corporate headquarters, and historic sites in a number of European cities. In past years we have visited Venice, Florence, Milan, Copenhagen, Paris, and London.

After the travel segment, students spend the rest of the summer in Berlin living in apartments together and working in adjacent studios. The studios and technical classes are taught by a mixture of Wentworth and German faculty. A number of faculty-lead trips to other cities are planned as integral parts of the courses. Conversational German classes help students interact with their hosts and immerse themselves in the vibrant life of this European capital.

The program is open to junior level students in the design programs and fulfills all curricular requirements for graduation.