Interior Design Advisory Board

Industry & Professional Advisory Council (IPAC)

The Interior Design Department works closely with area professionals to stay current with industry trends and standards. The Department Chair and faculty meet with IPAC at least once a year. IPAC members also attend final reviews of student work, guest lecture, and employ our students.

  • Andrea Coan, Design Portfolio Specialist, Steelcase, alumnus
  • Dorran Prescott, Senior Design / Project Manager, LLM Design, alumnus
  • Ryanne Sanderson, Sales Representative Knoll, alumnus
  • David Madson, Principal, CBT Architects
  • Yulia Bortkevich, Design Director / Senior Associate, Gensler
  • Jonathan Merin, Project Manager / Senior Associate, SMMA
  • Linda Haggerty, Past Principal, Steffian Bradley Associates