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Institutional Review Board Responsibilities & Procedures

Institutional Review Board Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • a) Developing and disseminating a Policy Regarding Human Subject and Code of Ethics for the protection of human subjects in all projects;
  • b) Developing and implementing review procedures for ensuring the protection of human subjects in all covered projects, in collaboration with other members of the Wentworth community;
  • c) Promoting professional development within the Wentworth community about the ethical and legal obligations associated with human subjects projects;
  • d) Conducting reviews of all covered project proposals to ensure that such research will be carried out in a manner which safeguards the rights and well-being of the subjects

Institutional Review Board Proposal Procedures

  1. The IRB will meet once a month, as needed, in each of the three semesters (Spring, Summer and Fall).
  2. In a basic review, the following questions should be answered:
    1. Are adequate procedures in place to ensure privacy and confidentiality?
    2. Has informed consent been sought and documented?
    3. Has the IRB approved the consent form?
    4. Have the risks to subjects been minimized?
    5. Are the risks reasonable as compared to anticipated benefits?
    6. Is the selection of subjects equitable?
    7. Are safeguards in place to protect vulnerable populations?
  3. Applications for IRB review and all attachments should be emailed to the IRB Chair. IRB decisions will be promptly communicated to the researcher, in writing, within 15 working days.
  4. Copies of all applications and approvals as well as annual reviews will be maintained in the Provost’s Office.