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Institutional Review Board

The mission of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to oversee and review all projects that involve human subjects meeting the federal definition of “research” conducted at and sponsored by Wentworth Institute of Technology (“covered projects”) and to review all other projects it deems are appropriate for its review.

The Provost shall serve as chair or appoint a designee to serve as chair. The initial term of appointment for members of the IRB shall be one, two and three years. Appointments are renewable. The term after initial appointment shall be for three years. For full IRB review all members will be present and vote on a proposal. For “Expedited Review” applications, the Chair shall determine whether or not the proposal meets the criteria and then two members of the IRB (other than the Chair) will meet to review and vote on the proposal.  In the case of a tie, the Chair would cast the deciding vote. For current members, see the Membership page.