Pre-WOW Programs

Pre-WOW Programs

New for 2018, Wentworth is pleased to offer an opportunity for students to come to campus early and explore their passions through one of five Pre-WOW Programs. These programs allow students to meet a small group of peers with a common interest (each group is limited to 20 students) and spend a day learning about a specific topic through hands-on experiences and group activities. Participating in a Pre-WOW program is an excellent way to form friendships at the start of the school year and have extra time to get settled on campus before most first year students join for Wentworth Opening Week. See below for descriptions of each specific program.

Students participating in a Pre-WOW program will come to campus on August 30 and spend time with their group as well as participants from other Pre-WOW groups until approximately 4pm on August 31, at which time they will continue into Wentworth Opening Week programming with all their fellow incoming students.

There is no cost to participate in these programs. Students who live on campus will be able to move into their residence hall on August 30.

Please use the following link to register for a Pre-WOW program: (A separate link will be sent to students who are eligible to register for the Impact! program.)

Active Leadership

Prepare yourself for leadership roles in college by participating in this workshop designed to help students identify and develop their leadership skills through hands-on experiences and group discussion. Students in this program will participate in a local rock climbing gym's "Confidence Through Climbing" program and work with staff from the Center for Student Engagement to discuss and prepare for leadership opportunities on campus.

Healthy Living in the City

Through group fitness activities, exploration of local outdoor destinations, and the practice of mindfulness strategies, participants in this workshop will learn how they can prepare themselves to be physically and mentally healthy during their time at college and beyond. Staff from our Center for Wellness as well as Fitness and Recreation will provide guidance and expertise.

Designing your Dream

Learn how to bring your ideas to life with support of staff and students from Wentworth's Accelerate team. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to practice and develop their creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurship skills, get hands on experience in some of Wentworth's state of the art design facilities, and see examples of innovative designs and ideas throughout Boston.

Giving Back to Boston

Put your skills and interests to good use by making a positive impact in the community. Work with staff members from the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships to support local organizations and community members through hands on service as well as discuss ways to make social change using your field of study.


Impact! serves as the kick-off event for students participating in the Bridges program, which is designed by the Center of Diversity and Social Justice specifically for new students of color entering Wentworth. While transitioning to college is exciting, it can also be challenging, especially for students who are underrepresented on campus and often in their chosen STEM fields. The Bridges program is designed to help you build bridges to success! New students will be placed in groups of 4-5 and will be assigned a student mentor who has participated in the program in the past. This program does not have a limit to the number of students who can participate. A separate link will be sent to students who are eligible to register for the Impact! program.