Department of Industrial Design

About Wentworth's Industrial Design Program

Professional industrial designers work at the intersection of art, business, and technology. Through research and experience, designers enrich the lives of those around us, by interpreting our psychological and social desires/aspirations into the objects we interact with daily. They help provide order and structure for the companies they serve, as well as empathy for the environmental and social issues, and enjoyment of our world.

Much of your education will be studio based projects as well as courses in drawing, model making, manufacturing technologies (such as computer-aided design and rapid prototyping), user research, design history, and the successful completion of two co-op work semesters beginning in the junior year. Co-op experiences are designed to complement the studio curriculum. There is no portfolio requirement to apply and enter the Industrial Design Program as a freshman. There is a portfolio and GPA review at the end of the freshman year for advancement into the sophomore year.

Wentworth’s Industrial Design program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. It is a fully accredited four-year program by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The Industrial Design educational experience includes a cooperative work program in which students are required to spend two semesters working as an intern in the professional design field.

As a graduate you will have opportunities to create for mass and private markets. Areas of possibility include, consumer products, education, toy, sports and medical equipment, foot ware, house wares, furniture, and exhibit design. Many graduates begin their careers immediately, designing either as a consultant, or as an in-house designer for some of the nations leading brands. As they continue to grow, graduates often end up in leadership roles within their respective companies, making top-level decisions as a design director, or creative manager.

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