Tuition Exchange Eligibility Guidelines

Tuition Exchange Eligibility Guidelines


TUITION EXCHANGE Liaison Officer: Anne-Marie Caruso, AVP of Enrollment Management 

Email:  or her TELO account at

Office phone number (617) 989 – 4009

Office Address:  Wentworth Institute of Technology, 550 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA  02115; Office of Admissions, Wentworth Hall.

Office hours:  8:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Wentworth retains the right to modify, change or revise these guidelines.  Current imports and exports shall be notified of any changes. 

Tuition Exchange is an exchange program that Wentworth belongs to and as such, is able to offer additional educational opportunities to our employees.  There is no guarantee that your dependent will be able to utilize the program. 

Import application details:

  1. Any TE import applicant wishing to be fully considered for a TE award must complete the admission process by December 15, 2019 and be fully admitted before any official TE award is offered.
  2. Only import applications from prospective, first-time, undergraduate, baccalaureate degree seeking students are considered. 
  3. TE Import awards are available to:
    1. Students:
      1. Any imported student – regardless of undergraduate program, or study, or class standing
      2. Any imported first-time freshman (does not include Continuing Education)
  4. TE application process and timeline:
    1. Step 1: request the Export (Home) school TUITION EXCHANGE Liaison Officer (TELO) provide an electronic application to Maureen Dischino, Executive Director of Admissions and TELO at Wentworth.
    2. Our TE school code is:  WIT-MA.
    3. Wentworth TUITION EXCHANGE priority date to receive import TE applications is December 15, 2019.
      1. Priority date means those import applications with completed Admissions applications AND completed TE applications are provided first consideration.  Import TE applications received after this date will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis providing TE spots remain available.
      2. Wentworth reserves the right to limit the number of TE import award offers in any given year.  The academic year of 2020-2021 will import 3 and export 3.
      3. First time TE import recipients meeting the priority date are notified no later than March 15. The TE award will be a part of the student's financial aid notification.
      4. TE import recipients have until May 1 to accept or decline the TE award. 
        1. New students are expected to submit the Admissions Deposit.  The Admissions Deposit must be received by May 1 in order for the TE award to be considered firm.
        2. If offered a TE award at a later time; there is a two week accept or decline date and the Admissions Deposit must be received with the acceptance notification.
        3. Housing and board are not covered under Wentworth’s TE Program, however, students seeking housing on campus must submit a housing deposit by May 1.
      5. Continuing TE SCHOLARS are responsible to confirm with the HOME INSTITUTION (EXPORT) TELO their continued Export eligibility.
        1. Once spring grades are released, confirmation will be on the financial aid award notification for continuing TE award.
        2. If no, confirm with your Exporting (Home) school that your application was re-certified.  If yes, check with the TELO at your Importing (attending) school. 
          1. Common issues include:  you have not registered for next semester classes; you did not maintain academic eligibility; you did not complete the required application process; or you have utilized the maximum number of TE import semesters. 
      6. For undergraduates, the TE award is potentially available for a maximum of eight (8) semesters (except for BELM which is 10 semesters) or graduation, whichever is first.
      7. Tuition Exchange can be used towards some but not all Study Abroad options open to students. Any TE student contemplating Study Abroad must contact the TE Office, Maureen Dischino at
  5. All undergraduate TE import awarded students in their initial year may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (FAFSA)
    1. For import students residing on campus, any qualifying federal Pell Grant dollars will be available to help pay for costs beyond tuition.
    2. For import students residing off campus, any qualifying federal Pell Grant dollars will be deducted from the TE award.
    3. In the case the family does not qualify for federal Pell or State grant dollars in the initial year, there is no requirement for the family to make subsequent FAFSA applications.  
    4. Questions regarding the financial aid application process should be directed to the Financial Aid Office c/o Anne-Marie Caruso, Director of Financial Aid.
    5. Students receiving Tuition Exchange will not be eligible for any institutional financial aid funding (i.e.:  Merit, endowed scholarships, need based funding).
    6. TE import awarded students are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the college.  Refer to the college catalog for specific information regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
    7. TE import award recipients are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships.  These dollars are available to help the student and family pay for college costs beyond the cost of tuition. 
    8. Wentworth reserves the right to review this statement in the case of a student garnering funds in excess of the annual Cost of Attendance.  For additional information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
    9. If a TE import scholar stakes a leave of absence or withdraws from WIT, the student will be eligible for the remaining available TE semesters provided the student has maintained satisfactory academic progress, the parents remains employed at the original TE college, and the student returns to WIT prior to turning 23 years of age. 
    10. A TE import award at Wentworth carries a value of full tuition.
      1. The value of the annual imported TE award is adjusted annually. 

Export application details:

Any TE export applicant wishing to be considered for TE export consideration must complete the Wentworth-TE Program Export Application available on the Human Resources website.

 An information session for employees will be offered in October for Wentworth employees.

  1. Export eligibility:  the individual seeking to be exported must be a dependent of the Wentworth employee.  The term legally dependent child shall be limited to children claimed on the employee’s most recent federal income tax return or named to receive support for education in either a separation agreement or divorce decree issued by the court. 
  2. The employee must be full-time and have completed two (2) years of continuous service by September 1, 2019.
    1. Part-time staff, temporary or on-call staff, and adjunct faculty members are not eligible for TE award consideration for dependents as defined in 1 above.
  3. In the case of retirement, reduction in work force or other mitigating circumstances around TE eligibility and employment, contact Human Resources regarding next steps. 
    1. In the case of the deceased employee, contact Human Resources regarding tuition benefit options.
  4. Wentworth will export one dependent per family over the course of a four-year period.  It is the responsibility of the family to determine which dependent will be selected as the Import.  Do not ask the school to submit multiple family applications to see which one is selected.
  5. In the case of both parents employed by Wentworth, it is still one export per family. 
  6. Wentworth has an official TE award application, which you can get by visiting Human Resources. This is the application required for TE applicants to be considered.
  7. For 2020-2021, TE colleges are required to cover at least $38,00 of their charged tuition.  This is called the minimum “set rate” value.  If the tuition is higher, the participating TE college may offer a TE scholarship covering all or some of the remaining tuition cost.  If the tuition is lower, the participating TE college may reduce the TE scholarship by federal, state and/or institutional scholarships. 

The Tuition Exchange Board of Directors establishes annually the set rate value amount based on a weighted average of all participating TE college tuitions.

Export Eligibility details:

Tuition Exchange, Inc. requires all members to maintain a five-year average balance of Exports and Imports.

To insure Wentworth is keeping our eligibility in check, TELO, Maureen Dischino, reviews annually the number of Exports and Imports currently in the system to determine the number of eligible exports that can be offered for the following academic year. 

All employees will be notified no later than November 1, 2019 of the actual number of available student exports for the following academic year.  There are three (3) available student exports.

  1. The deadline to apply for Tuition Exchange consideration is October 18, 2019.              
    1. Applications will be accepted on a first-come; first-serve basis.  Please be aware that those not received in advance of the deadline above may not be considered at all or may be considered well after May 1 of the following year.
  2. The actual Export selection process is based on employee seniority.  The employee must be employed at Wentworth at least two (2) years as of September 1, 2019. An employee will be considered for the TE program only if they have had a satisfactory performance evaluation within the past year as well as no disciplinary issues.
  3. In order for a TE scholar to be renewed for subsequent years (up to a maximum of 8 semesters or graduation, whichever is first), Susan Morin, Human Resources Manager, will confirm the employed parent has maintained employment eligibility at the conclusion of each grading period.
    1. Should the parent leave Wentworth employment, the Import school will be notified that the student is no longer eligible at the conclusion of the term in which the employee separates. 
    2. In the case of both parent's working for Wentworth, provided the other parent is eligible (see item 2 in the Export application details section) the TE awarded student will retain their eligibility.
  4. In addition to maintaining eligibility for Export, the student is responsible for maintaining academic progress and positive social deportment at the Importing school.  TE award eligibility is a two-way street.  Generally, this information is available in the college catalog or student handbook of the Importing school.
    1. Students who lose TE eligibility due to failure to maintain as stated above, may not be considered for future export consideration to either the same school and/or a new school.
  5. In the case of a student transferring schools, Wentworth will continue to support the TE awarded student for a maximum of 8 semesters or graduation, whichever is first; however, the TE school where the student is transferring has the right to refuse the Import request. 
  6. In the case of a student withdrawing from the educational program - Wentworth will consider continued Export support on a case-by-case review.  Please contact Maureen Dischino (TELO) for specific requirements in this situation.
  7. TELO Maureen Dischino will follow-up with each employee mid-November and again mid-February to confirm the Exported student is still enrolled at the school of Import record.  It is vital that the parent respond timely to this request.
  8. Wentworth will make available to all employees an annual report regarding TE award utilization for the most recent five-year period.  This report is kept on file in the Human Resources office and is available for your review upon request.  The information does not reflect names and/or schools.  It is generic in nature.
  9. The importing college determines if the TE award can be applied to Study Abroad programs
  10. Mitigating circumstances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and any decision made is considered final.