Posting and Advertising Policy

Approved posters and table tents will advertise only events and/or services that provide educational, social, entertainment, recreational, volunteer or employment opportunities for Wentworth students. The following guidelines govern the use of posters, flyers, table tents and Flanagan Campus Center white boards.  

  • Posters and table tents must be approved and stamped by the Office of Campus Life or the Office of Housing and Residential Life prior to posting. All posters and table tents will be stamped in the Campus Life office or OHRL during open hours.
  • Posters and table tents will have the following information: who, what, where, when, disability accommodation information, and/or contact info where students can find more information about an event.
  • 8.5x11 posters may be posted for no longer than 4 weeks or until 48 hours after the event, whichever is sooner. 11x17 flyers, larger postings, and table tents may be posted for no longer than 2 weeks or until 48 hours after the event, whichever is sooner.
  • White board advertising is limited to ground floor of the Flanagan Campus Center and must follow the content requirements of the posting policy. White boards are erased nightly and messages may be removed during the day by others using the boards.
  • Posters, table tents and white boards may not contain: profanity, non-educational references to drugs or alcohol, derogatory/discriminatory text or images, nudity or firearms.

Posters in Academic Buildings

The maximum number of posters that will be stamped for academic buildings is 30.

Posters are permitted in the following academic buildings on approved bulletin boards only: Annex Buildings, Beatty Hall/Flanagan, Dobbs Hall, Ira Allen Hall, Kingman Hall, Rubenstein Hall, Watson Hall, Wentworth Hall and Wilson Hall.   

The Office of Campus Life will post all posters for non-Wentworth related advertising.

Posters in Residence Halls

Approved posters must be delivered to the Office of Housing and Residential Life no later than three days prior to the intended posting date.

Number of posters needed per hall:

  • Baker Hall - 15 copies 
  • Evans Way/Tudbury Hall - 15 copies 
  • Apartments - 10 copies 
  • 610 Huntington Avenue - 10 copies 
  • 555 Huntington Avenue - 8 copies

Only professional or student staff of the Office of Housing and Residential Life will post and remove all posters in Residence Halls.  

Posters and A-Frames in Open Space Areas

Posters are not allowed to be affixed to the outside of any building or surfaces on campus or on property controlled by Wentworth e.g. field surfaces, parking lots, garages, vehicles).  Use of outside approved posting areas or outside space for A-frames must be coordinated with the Office of Campus Life and Physical Plant.

Posting on Bulletin Boards

  • Post only on approved bulletin boards.  Postings on non-approved bulletin board or any other surface (including but not limited to: doors, bathrooms, elevators, windows, classrooms, offices) is strictly prohibited and will lead to removal of privileges and possible disciplinary action.
  • Remove all old postings before putting up new posting for the same events.
  • Remove posters within 48 hours after the event. Failure to remove posters in a timely manner will result in loss of posting privileges.
  • Post only one posting per event on approved boards.
  • Only dry-erase markers may be used when advertising on white boards the Flanagan Campus Center.
  • Do not erase other messages when advertising on white boards (including in the Campus Center).

Leafletting and Chalking

Leafletting (placing any written notice whether a flyer, poster, decal, button, or gimmick giveaway) of cars, buildings, rooms/offices, common spaces, bathrooms, hallways, outdoor spaces) and chalking on any walkway, parking lot, building or surface, under the control of WIT is strictly prohibited.


Violations of the policies on concerning posters, advertising, leafletting and chalking will result in loss of posting privileges and have consequences for employment, academic status, access to campus and/or criminal consequences.