New Employee Onboarding

Welcome! You've joined a committed and engaged community of more than 700 faculty and staff and over 3,000 students.

Please utilize this website as a guide to your first few months at Wentworth as well as a valuable resource for benefits, campus news and external community resources.

We understand that the first days, weeks, and months of employment are filled with excitement, a wealth of information, and many questions. To that end, we're here to provide you with the help and support needed for success in your new role.

This onboarding website will provide checklists, benefits information, job expectations, and contact information.

Before You Start

Upon offer and acceptance, a Human Resources representative will:

  • Confirm details of offer including start date included in offer letter.
  • Schedule a time for you to come to HR to complete new hire paperwork.
  • Explain what hire documentation, including proof of eligibility to work in the United States, you will need for your first day.
  • Once paperwork is completed, HR will give you Lconnect network access, email, and employee i.d.
  • Detail the different commuting options including MBTA Pass Program and parking.
  • Register for your in-person New Employee Orientation session.
  • Provide access to Peopleadmin, our Position and Performance Management system. You may access your job description as well as do your self-performance evaluation. Use your Lconnect username and password to access the site.

Your First Days

Partner with your manager to identify your initial assignments; the purpose of your work; how it fits into your department's as well as the Institute's overarching mission and goals; and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

Schedule, Duties, Expectations

  • Clarify your first week's schedule, and confirm required and recommended training.
  • Set up your personal workspace.
  • Complete online compliance training. (Harassment Prevention, Title IX, FERPA, OSHA through Campus Answers.) You will be sent a personalized email with your courses. Please complete these within the first 30 days.
  • Ask your manager for an overview of the functional area - its purpose, organizational structure, and goals. You should be provided the Institute as well as a divisional organizational chart.
  • Review your job description, outline of duties, and expectations. Ask how your job fits in the department, and how your job and department contribute to the division and the Institute.
  • Review hours of work. Ask questions about policies and procedures for overtime, use of vacation and sick time, and holidays.
  • Ask any other questions on benefits, important deadlines, and registering for the next Benefit Overview session with HR.
  • If you haven't already, visit the Human Resources office with your completed I-9 Form and appropriate documentation including a voided check.


  • Be prepared to meet coworkers on the first day. Your department may schedule a lunch or welcome reception for you.
  • Introduce yourself to others in the workplace.
  • Take advantage of the weekly campus tours provided by the Admissions office.

Work Environment

Ask your manager about:

  • Employee key(s) and/or building access card.
  • Department-specific safety and emergency information.
  • How to get additional supplies.

Technology & Related

  • Ask about your computer and setting up voicemail.

Your First Months

As you settle into your new environment, feel free to begin to explore Wentworth, its library, cafeteria, bookstore and the beautiful outdoor areas. Your comfort level will increase each day as you meet more people, gain familiarity with your new surroundings, and begin your work projects.

Schedule, Duties, Expectations

  • At three months, your manager should schedule a goal-setting meeting. You can work together on the expectations of your job during the next several months.
  • Ask for additional contextual information about the department and organization to increase your understanding of its purpose, value-add to Wentworth, strategic goals, and initiatives.
  • Review Wentworth's organizational chart.
  • Learn about the various committees on campus and within the Colleges of the Fenway.


  • Plan lunch with a co-worker, or visit a place on campus you'd like to see.

Work Environment

  • Review the Institute Manual for more information on all things Wentworth including critical policies and procedures.
  • Your manager will schedule your six month performance evaluation.

Technology Access

  • If you are having any computer or phone issues, discuss with your manager so they may be addressed in a timely manner.

Your First Year