Human Resources: Manager's Corner

Welcome, managers, to our Managers Corner! Please use this page as a resource for the steps to Wentworth's hiring process, performance evaluations, information on procuring a temporary employee, etc.

FMLA Update

Congress updated The Family and Medical Leave Act effective January 2009. Please contact the Human Resources office if you or a staff member needs to request leave.

Wentworth's Hiring Process

If there is a vacancy in your department, please consult the hiring process for step-by-step guidelines to successfully hire a new team member.

Wentworth uses the PeopleAdmin applicant tracking/job requisition system in our recruitment process. Please consult a member of the Human Resources staff on training.

Other Job Sites

Through the Colleges of the Fenway, Wentworth is a founding member of the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (New England HERC.) The NEHERC is a collaboration of over 60 N.E. colleges, universities and hospitals to recruit qualified faculty and staff. Dual career searches and diversity opportunities are other resources of the NEHERC. If you are referring a friend or colleague and need further information, please visit the NEHERC website.

Temporary Help

If you have an open position and need a temp to fill in until you hire, please contact Susan Morin, Human Resources Manager, at 617-989-4191. Susan will work with you and our temp agency, PSG, to find the right temp for your needs and skills sets.

Performance Evaluations

Performance reviews should be done for new staff members at three months (goal setting), six months, and at year's end. A six month performance review through Peopleadmin must be submitted to the HR department. Annual reviews for all staff members are due each November.

Performance Evaluation Feedback 

Management Training Programs

The Human Resources department partners with the Colleges of the Fenway in the creation of training and development programs for staff. Please look for training and workshop announcements through email.

Manager's Tool Kit