Wentworth's Staff Hiring Process

  1. When position vacancy occurs, the hiring manager should first evaluate the needs of the department.  Does the position need to be advertised or is there an opportunity for staff promotion?  Does the job description need to be revised?
  2. Hiring manager meets with Human Resources to review hiring process.
  3. Plan for interim, i.e., temporary help, or overload of current employees.
  4. Human Resources trains hiring manager on Peopleadmin system, our position/performance management system.   P.A. allows hiring manager to request vacancy or create new position description as well as track applicants.  Requisition must be approved by Division Head and Budget Head before it is posted by Human Resources.
  5. Human Resources posts the position.
  6. The Hiring Manager will discuss advertising options with Human Resources.  Position is posted on five sites including Higheredjobs.com, Boston.com/Monster, Wentworth site, the NEHERC (New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium and the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) web-site (colleges-fenway.org).  Additional advertising can also be done.  Hiring Manager should consult with H.R. concerning the industry specific websites and listserves.
  7. Hiring Manager will only see applicants that at least meet minimum qualifications.  When Hiring Manager is ready to invite candidates, they click on “change status” for each applicant.  They may select “phone invite”, invite”, or “decline”,  For every “decline”, they must select a reason.  When hiring manager is ready to bring candidates onto campus, they select “invite”.   H.R. will receive an email requesting an interview be scheduled.  Hiring Manager emails their interview availability to H.R.
  8. The first round of interviews will be coordinated by Human Resources.  H.R. schedules the interview and provides the candidate with a salary range as well as a benefits overview brochure.  The candidate will meet with the Hiring Manager and a representative from H.R.  In some cases, an interview committee will be formed.  The committee will meet with H.R to review hiring protocol, i.e., to go over legalities of the interview process.  This committee will interview and offer feedback to the Hiring Manager.  Human Resources allows access to the PeopleAdmin system by making interview committee members a “guest user.”
  9. When final candidate is selected, H.R. will check three professional references including a supervisor.  A criminal and educational background check will also be done on every new employee and, in some cases, a credit, motor vehicle, psychological, pre-employment physical with drug screen, based upon position.
  10. After discussing salary with Hiring Manager, a representative from H.R. will extend the offer to the candidate.  If the candidate accepts, H.R. will send confirmation letter to employee.
  11. The employee will report to H.R. on the first day of employment to complete necessary paperwork.  They will be given their L-connect account password and sent to the Communications Center to get their i.d. card.  H.R. will then direct the employee to his/her department.
  12. Human Resources schedules bi-weekly benefits & policy overviews and all new employees are required to attend.  In addition, there is a President’s Welcome each semester.
  13. At three months, the supervisor will sit down with the employee to set goals and evaluate performance.
  14. At six months, a formal performance review will be completed and sent to Human Resources.  Supervisors will receive a reminder from the P.A. system to complete and submit the evaluation.  Division heads are able to view the performance review of any of their employees at any time.
  15. Please evaluate the staff member’s performance closely.  Please note excessive absence, tardiness, rudeness, etc.  Please evaluate the new staff member’s ability to be a productive community member.