How We Evaluate Transfer Credit


We know your ability to transfer credits can play a critical role in your decision to attend Wentworth. Therefore, we streamline the evaluation process as much as possible.

We review every course to determine its applicability to the program for which you are applying. Credits will be transferred only for courses with a grade of C or better. Generally, we evaluate classes based on their available catalog descriptions.

Students planning to major in Industrial or Interior Design who have taken similar coursework at other institutions must submit a portfolio of their work for review by the Department of Design and Facilities for consideration of transfer credit. Students should contact the department directly to schedule the review. Students majoring in Architecture must complete all architectural courses at Wentworth.

Please take a look at our Transfer Credit Guide for more information of how your credits may transfer to Wentworth from another institution. To learn more about Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate exams and to see how scores are currently transferring, please click here. To learn more about Project Lead The Way and receiving college credit, please click here.

Students are required to take a minimum of 50 percent of their curriculum at Wentworth. If you have questions about the required course of study for any of our majors, please review the Wentworth catalog carefully and/or contact the appropriate academic department directly.

Once accepted, we will send you an evaluation of your transfer credits and a list of courses you need to take at Wentworth – usually within three weeks following your acceptance letter.