Endowment: Inspire, Empower, Invest

Help to Grow the Endowment

Stephen Fusi, TrusteeAs a longtime trustee and chair of the Investment Committee, I am using my professional experience in the investment field to not only help grow the endowment, but to also view the enterprise with a financial set of eyes. It feels great to be fully immersed in Wentworth’s future and to connect with its students, many on a first-name basis.”

Stephen Fusi, Trustee, Mde ’72, Me ’74 Chair, Wentworth Investment Committee

Wentworth’s mission of empowering students through experiential learning is fostered and enhanced in part by those who give to the endowment. Our endowment is a commitment to the financial future of the Institute and a key component of student access. Gifts to our endowment contribute to the high quality of education and outreach we can offer. A robust endowment enables Wentworth to attract exceptional students and faculty to campus, increase academic initiatives, and allow our graduates to find continued career success.

Giving to Wentworth’s endowment is a lasting investment, intended to provide a permanent source of financial support for the Institute. Growing our endowment is essential as we strive to be nationally recognized as the university of choice for an externally collaborative, project-based, interdisciplinary culture (EPIC) for learning. A gift to the endowment is a chance for you to preserve your legacy at Wentworth and connect it to our strong future.

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What Is an Endowment?

Wentworth’s endowment is an accumulation of funds—primarily gifts and bequests—set aside and invested to support the university’s mission in perpetuity. Each year, a fixed percentage of the funds’ market value flows to Wentworth’s operating budget from interest and investment appreciation.

Wentworth is committed to investing the endowment in assets that will grow at a rate greater than inflation in order to continue to build the spending power of our endowment over time. A gift to the endowment is an enduring one.

What Are the Advantages of Establishing an Endowed Fund?

Expendable gifts help us focus on immediate needs, but establishing an endowed fund secures the financial success of the Institute for years to come. The principal gift continues to grow as it generates a steady source of income for Wentworth. Your gift will forever help to attract talented educators, provide student scholarships, and support our educational mission in perpetuity. An endowed fund can be established with a cash gift, multi-year commitment, estate provision, or a combination of the above.

How Does Wentworth Benefit from Endowed Funds?

The funds invested by Wentworth are those that have been donated by alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations for the specific benefit of the university, and its students and faculty. The overall return on investment is used to support important areas, such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Faculty teaching and research support
  • Academic and other program support

How Do You Benefit?

Creating an endowed fund allows you to fulfill your own personal philanthropic goals while helping to support the needs and priorities of Wentworth.

Jan Piccarini, Corporator The Michael R. Piccarini Scholarship Fund“The importance of giving back to Wentworth has been a mission for our family since we established a scholarship fund in memory of my son, Michael, who graduated from Wentworth. We are very proud of our being able to assist several students each year with their tuition. We often hear students express how difficult it is to finance their education and, with our aid, we feel we are able to help current and future students achieve their dream of receiving a college degree.”

Jan Piccarini, Corporator The Michael R. Piccarini Scholarship Fund


How Can You Establish an Endowed Fund?

We encourage you to consider funding your endowment with a gift of cash or appreciated securities. A fully funded endowment will provide resources that support our students, faculty, and programs, enabling you to witness the impact of your generosity.

You might also consider creating or adding to an endowment with a gift in your estate. There are several options that may work well in your financial plan. These include:

  • Adding a bequest in your will or trust
  • Adding Wentworth as a beneficiary designation on your retirement account or life insurance policy
  • Transferring ownership of a life insurance policy to the university
  • Creating a charitable trust and arranging for Wentworth to receive some or all of the remainder value.

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Types of Endowments and Minimum Funding Levels

There are many types of endowments. Examples and the current minimum funding requirements to create these funds include the following:

  • Named Chair ($2,500,000)
  • Named Professorship ($1,500,000)
  • Named Visiting Professorship ($1,000,000)
  • Named Assistant Professorship ($1,000,000)
  • Presidential Scholarship ($1,000,000)
  • Black and Gold Scholarship ($500,000)
  • Endowed EPIC Fund ($250,000)
  • Schumann Library Resources Fund ($250,000)
  • Study Abroad Fund ($100,000)
  • Lecture or Symposium Fund ($100,000)
  • Memorial/Honorary Fund ($25,000)
  • Special Purpose Fund ($25,000)
  • Schumann Library General Support Fund ($25,000)

Robert Totino, Vice President for Finance Wentworth Institute of Technology“Endowments are viewed along a timeline as being intergenerational and perpetual, similar to the Institute. The endowment provides a steady stream of income on an annual basis to support the overall operational budget of the university. These funds are instrumental as they assist in minimizing annual tuition increases. Donors contribute to endowments at higher educational institutions as they believe in the overarching mission that students deserve a quality education. Donors establish endowments in areas such as scholarships for students, professorships to assist faculty development, and many other terrific endeavors. As the endowment grows, a continuous higher level of funding can be provided to these worthwhile areas.”

Robert Totino, Vice President for Finance Wentworth Institute of Technology


For more information on making a gift to our endowment, please contact Carol L. Estes-Schwartz at 617-989-4255 or estesc@wit.edu