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Why Is Exercise Important?

For some, just reading the word "Exercise" sparks shivers down their backs, while others devote every Tweet, Instagram pic, and SnapChat to sharing their fitness journey. What keeps one group loathing it, and another obsessed? One possibility is the benefits that hitting the gym gives us. With new studies and news reports everyday covering the latest nutrition or exercise trend, it’s easy to see that breaking a sweat is important in our lives. By getting our heart rate going, and carefully working our bodies, we can tap into wonderful positive physical, mental, and health effects.

Physical Benefits

One of the best effects exercise has on our body are the practical benefits. It allows us to live our lives more easily, and perform daily activities with less effort and thought. Depending on how you train, the benefits in everyday actions are tremendous. From carrying groceries home from the supermarket without stopping to shake out your arms, to riding your bike to class and not being exhausted at your desk, working out has direct correlations with things you do everyday. Some wonderful benefits you can obtain are increased strength, endurance and lung capacity. Furthermore, exercising properly may decrease chronic pain related to muscle imbalances and bad posture.  All of these can help you enjoy your life without worrying about your body holding you back.

Another physical effect of exercise on the body is the visual. You get to look good and feel good, with some work and effort. By tapping into your energy stores through working out, you'll be on your way to decreasing unwanted fat throughout the body. Combine this with increasing muscle mass from resistance-based training, and you'll look even more fantastic than you already do.

Mental Benefits

With these physical changes come some amazing mental benefits. Looking at, and periodically feeling, your fabulous body can lead to a nice increase in your self-esteem. Looking the way you want and feeling more comfortable in your body help improve self-confidence. This is a great self-fulfilling upward spiral: by feeling more confident, you'll in turn end up with an even bigger confidence boost, and you'll continue to reap the benefits.

Exercise has also been proven to help decrease stress levels. The act of working out releases endorphins, which immediately lowers your stress, but studies have also shown to have long-term impact in people with chronic stress and depression.

Health Benefits

Aside from these clear physical and mental improvements, consistent exercise has been shown to lower risk of many health issues. Some such conditions include heart disease & stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s.

These are just some of the awesome ways becoming more active can benefit you. So get up, get out there, and work your way to a better you.