Why Can't I Spot Reduce Fat?

Some of the most common questions surrounding weight loss are about getting rid of unwanted fat in specific areas. We hear "how do i lose all this belly fat?" and "I just want to get rid of the jiggle around my arms" more times than we can count.

Spot reduction, or losing fat in a specific area of the body by exercising just that one area of the body, is one of the biggest myths in the exercise and fitness world. You see it on infomercials, and pop-up ads: "Buy this product and do a million crunches, and you’ll have 6 pack abs in 6 days!" Unfortunately, this just isn't true. Spot reduction simply does not work.

The body gets rid of body fat based on a number of complicated processes. Body fat is used as an energy source for the body. It taps into it, as needed, and in no predictable order. Just as different people gain body fat in different areas at different speeds, we all lose body fat in different areas at different speeds. Some lose fat in the belly first, and maintain stores in the hips, while others keep all of their fat in the belly, and are lean everywhere else. Therefore, we don’t lose body fat in areas that we work out, but rather according to the body’s biology.

So how can you lose fat in that stubborn area? Well, in order to get rid of belly fat, you have to work to get rid of arm fat, back fat, neck fat, thigh fat, and finger fat too. It all comes and goes together. There is no easy way out, and it does take work to get there.

But don't get discouraged! You can do it! By balancing eating right and a exercise plan that's right for your goals, you can work your way to reducing your overall fat, as well as those specific areas.