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Programs and Events

Throughout the course of each calendar year, Fitness and Recreation offers many programs to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff..  Keep checking back to see what Special Events will be coming next. 

Fitness Center Orientations

Are you new to exercise, or perhaps just a little bit nervous about checking out the Schumann Fitness Center?  Sign up for one of our Fitness Center orientations!

Orientations are a great way to become familiar with all of the equipment, as one of our friendly staff members will show you how to use each piece of equipment safely and effectively to maximize your workout.  Now, orientations are not personal training sessions, but rather a way to make you feel at home when you come visit us.

To make an appointment, please email us at

Looking forward to seeing you!

College of the Fenway Intramurals

Interested in the non-stop action of Indoor Soccer? How about a game of Volleyball? Or better yet, a Turkey Trot or Flag Football? From the intense to the not-so-intense, the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Intramural program offers something for everyone.

The COF Intramural program promotes non-varsity athletic competition between and among the six Colleges of the Fenway campuses. It allows students to participate in recreational athletics in many different areas, and offers coed, men’s, and women’s teams. The feeling of a large university setting is achieved through the intramural program, but it also maintains the uniqueness and individuality of each institution.

For more information, including a list of sporting events and a registration form, visit the Colleges of the Fenway Intramurals site.