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Post-Workout Snacking

Much like providing your body with energy prior to exercise, it is important to help your body replenish those essential nutrients that were used up during that great session you had!  Eating after a workout helps your body to repair muscle tissue, and to replenish the storage areas that have been depleted during strenuous exercise.

What are some great snacks to have after a workout?

Any snack that you have after a workout should strike a balance between protein and carbohydrates.  Protein helps repair the muscle, and carbohydrates help to give your body the energy to get on with your day!

Chocolate Milk

Yes, I said chocolate milk.  Chocolate milk, while high in fat content, has almost the perfect blend of proteins and carbs.  It has actually been proven through research that chocolate milk may be the best recovery drink out there!  Have a small glass, and give your body a boost!

Peanut Butter and Fruit (like Bananas and Apples)

Another tasty treat!  Peanut butter packs in the protein, and the fruit provides a basic carbohydrate that the body can quickly uptake post workout!  Not to mention that it tastes great!

Yogurt and Fresh Berries

Yum!  Low fat yogurt has almost 15 grams of protein, great for building those muscles back up, and the berries provide a simple carbohydrate to give you energy!

Hummus and Pita

Hummus, made of mashed chickpeas, gives you bunches of protein and carbs.  Adding that into a whole wheat pita will keep you fueled for hours.