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What Do I Need To Get Fit - Time

Making a plan is the best way to make sure that fitness becomes a lasting habit rather than a fleeting dream. Too many times people resolve to exercise more, only to stop after a couple of times. By scheduling your workout sessions, and deciding exactly when and how you’ll exercise, you’ll be sure to stick to it and hit your goals (LINK TO ARTICLE - GOALS). Knowing and planning for all aspects of your new fitness life with help you keep up with it and enjoy all of the benefits exercise has to offer.

Scheduling Considerations

Your day-to-day schedule is probably packed with responsibilities for work, class, and life. Cooking, cleaning, and relaxing are just as important as your weekly assignments. By looking at all of your responsibilities and making a full schedule, you can determine the best time to exercise for your life. Making fitness a priority, and deciding on a consistent plan, will ensure that you will feel that you have enough time and energy to keep going.

When deciding on when to exercise, there are a lot of little things to think about. Working out, unfortunately, isn’t just the act of lifting weights or running. Just like cooking, there is prep and clean up time involved. You need to pick out and put on your workout clothes, travel to and back from your fitness space, as well as shower and change clothes afterward. All of these things take time, as well as having several sets of clothes on hand.

When choosing when to work out, consider actually writing your exercise times into your daily schedule, as well as travel time and showers, to give yourself the fullest picture of your time commitments. Here are a few examples of what you’ll need to think about, depending on what time of day you schedule your workouts.


If you’re looking to exercise right when you wake up, taking shower in the morning would be a great move to set yourself up with a solid time saving routine. This way, you don’t need to take an extra shower, or change clothes an extra time. Just hop right out of bed and into your fitness gear, and then get into your clothes for the rest of the day. With all of this extra exercise time, however, you might have to reassess your morning routine. Waking up earlier to eat and work out can be a challenge for some, but it’s definitely worth the conveniences and benefits of increase in exercise.


If you feel the nighttime is the right time to go for a walk, run, or hit the gym, and you’re already a night shower-er, working out at the end of your day can be pretty simple too. Head out when you’re done with work or class for the day, and go back to your apartment after to clean up. Packing and bringing a bag with clothes and toiletries will definitely make things easier. While you may be a bit more tired at that point in the day, you’ll get an extra energy boost from a night time fitness session. You might also miss out on some of your favorite TV shows, but that’s what Netflix is for.


If you prefer to workout in the middle of the day, things can be a little trickier, but it’s definitely doable. Because you may have responsibilities before and after, you’ll need to plan carefully to make sure to have enough time for everything. Make sure to bring that gym bag in the morning, or keep stashed somewhere as long as you can take it home and wash it consistently. Also, schedule enough time to head back to your living space to shower, or find a gym with a shower and locker room.

While all of this extra time and planning may sound daunting at first, it’s better to know and prepare for the time commitments of exercise when you’re starting out. Once things get started, thing will be so ingrained that you won’t even think about it. So make that schedule, set out your gym clothes, and enjoy the fitness life!