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What Do I Need To Get Fit - Place

A good place to start your fitness journey is finding a place to workout. While a gym might be the first thing that comes to mind, it’s not your only choice. There are a lot of other great spaces you can use, depending on your need and goals. Whether it’s a popular gym, a park, the streets, or a section of your living space, you have a lot of options.


The first step is to decide what you’re looking for in a fitness space. If you’re just looking to walk or run, and don’t mind the cold, the great outdoors can suit your needs. Just make sure you have the right clothes for the winter and bad weather days. Even for basic bodyweight exercises you may not necessarily need to go to the gym. A quick Google or Youtube search will provide you with plenty of exercises you can do in your home or in any open space. You can still get a really great workout with little or no equipment. If you live with anyone or have neighbors, just make sure that any noise and impact from your workout won’t bother them. Parks and backyards are also wonderful places for dynamic and fun fitness sessions. They’re green, you can get some Vitamin D while you exercise, and they’re free!

If you decide that you do want to use a gym or fitness center, think about what types of exercises you would want to do there. Group exercise classes, are a big draw for many people, as they help to change up the workout and make it social. Some people want a place with a pool, while others want miles of cardio machines with no lines. Choosing a place that has equipment that will keep you engaged and your workout varied is a great way to make working out fun. Other things to think about are the availability of lockers and showers, friendliness of staff, and personal trainers if you may be interested. There are many gyms to choose from, but not all of them are right for you. Just be aware that with added accommodations comes added cost that can quickly add up.


Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to go out and find it. The adage of “Location Location Location” applies to working out just as much as buying a house. Based on the schedule you’ve made choose a place that is convenient for you, depending on when you’re planning to utilize it. It could be the best spot in the world, but if it’s not easy to get there, you probably won’t go as often. Finding a place that is close to work, class, or home will keep you coming back and in shape.


Another important consideration is safety. Not all neighborhoods are great at all times, especially when you’re trying to squeeze a workout into an already packed day. Going for a run in an unlit park at 3 AM, might not be the best idea, while a well-lit 5 minute walk to a 24-hour gym with security and lots of treadmills is notably better.

Fitness and Recreation Center

The Fitness and Recreation Center on the Wentworth Institute of Technology campus is a great option for many. It’s open year round with great hours, and free for students, faculty and staff of WIT, MCPHS University and MassArt. There are a lot of cardio and free-weight equipment, as well as open space. There are free Group Exercise classes, and a safe, well-lit path, that’s close to classes and on-campus housing.

With all these things in mind, just about any place will do. As long as you feel confident and comfortable going there and breaking a sweat, designate a workout space, use what you have, and have fun!