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The Fitness Journey

“ I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

We chose the Frost quote because it seems perfect for describing the fitness journey.  The essence of the quote, the “road less traveled”, is fitting in that your fitness journey is decidedly YOURS!  No other person will ever walk in your shoes, and no one  has ever traveled the path that you will take on your fitness journey.  Your fitness journey is your adventure to take, and along the way you will choose when to rest, when to trudge forward, and when to maybe take the risk to go even further than you ever imagined.  

Along your journey, there will be challenges, of that there is little doubt.  You will come up against obstacles that might slow you down, and you might have days where you feel like nothing seems to be changing and that you are spinning your wheels.

Furthermore, there will be ebbs and flows to your journey.  You will have days where everything seems easy and that the concept of stopping your journey seems unimaginable.  Yet, there will be other days where you simply want to give up.

So, some things to consider on your journey:

  1. Have a Phone-a-Friend:  Have someone you can call, text, snapchat, or even talk to in-person who will provide inspiration to help you with your journey.  While they can’t do it for you, the hope is that they can inspire and reassure you that all is well.

  2. Boredom:  There will be days where your journey seems dull and uninteresting.  When that becomes a consistent problem, it is time to change course.  Find a different routine to try, take a class, or grab a workout partner to keep things fun and interesting.  Remember, if you make it fun for you, you will never be bored.

  3. Fluctuations: These will happen!  Your weight will fluctuate, your strength and flexibility can fluctuate as well.  This is all part of the journey.  Don’t get discouraged by a single day or week of changes.  If you notice a trend over the course of weeks, then consult a trainer for advice.

  4. Plateaus:  These will also happen!  It’s important to remember that your body likes balance, or what we call homeostasis.  Over the course of your journey, sometimes you will reach a plateau where you feel like you aren’t making progress.  Usually this plateau is short, but if you notice it lasting longer than a few weeks, talk to a trainer.  One word of advice: When you’re at a plateau, look back at how far you’ve come!

The important thing about your journey is that it is just that...a journey.  Each and every day will be just that: A day.  Tomorrow will be another day. If you find yourself feeling stuck, just remember the wise words of a famous football coach when he said, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

Accept and savor each moment on your journey. Live the life you have imagined.