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A Diet vs. Our Diet

If someone mentions “A Diet”, our mind jumps to something restrictive, aggravating, and typically unhealthy. We think of following a prescribed outline of what we can, but more importantly cannot eat, based on some supposedly scientifically proven principles. It stirs up bad memories of deprivation and shame.

In reality, the word diet is actually a scientific term in nutrition. It simply means what we eat. Our Diet is composed of the food we decided to consume, either by an individual or a society. That’s it. Unfortunately today, an innocuous term that describes a sum total of food, has turned into a bad word that evokes a gut emotional response in many.

A Diet

In general, if something is labeled as “A Diet”, it’s typically best to be wary and do a lot of research first, or avoid it altogether. Except for the Cameraphone Diet, that one’s cool. Diets often have shaky pseudoscience supporting them, and prey on people’s health fears to sell a product or service. Crash diets can deprive the body of important nutrients in an effort to lose weight or gain muscle mass. They are often designed to be short-term and can lead to dangerous health consequences if continued for long periods of time. Do your research and ask your doctor before drastically changing your diet, and adopting a new one.

Our Diet

So if we shouldn’t follow A Diet, and we want to change our eating habits, what choice do we have? Luckily, there’s a virtually unlimited set of options of how to form Our Diet. While there’s one way to find what is best for you, sticking to a balanced diet of nutrient rich food is a great place to start. Through a combination of self-reflection and trial and error, you can find a way to eat right for you and your body. Every person is different, and foods affect them in different ways. By making good lifestyle choices based on our goals, experiences, and progress, you can make an educated decision on good dietary habits, and what foods to eat.