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Why Register for Family Weekend?


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Why should you register for Family & Alumni Weekend?

We know what you're thinking, "I can visit Wentworth every other weekend of the year without registering, why should I register now?" That's true, you don't need to register any other weekend, but Family & Alumni Weekend isn't just any other weekend! It's a weekend designed just for you, and by registering we can help you make the most of your weekend! 

Benefits of Registering 

  • Guests who register will get one cafeteria coupon for each member of their party, good for one free meal on Saturday October 13.  (This is exclusively for parties registered via the family registration link. Please indicate interest in meal vouchers on the registration form)
  • Guests who register will get emailed updates as we lead up the event with helpful reminders and suggestions of things to do. 
  • Registered guests may get emails tailored to their families.  For example, if you register as a mechanical engineering student or alum, and we know that a mechanical engineering professor is giving a tour during the weekend, you'll get an email reminder.
  • Guest who register prior to September 19 will get a reminder that tickets for Blue Man Group, Shear Madness, Improv Asylum, Duck Tours and Build-a-Leopards are going on sale.
  • Guest who register this year will get an email reminder next fall before registration opens.

So please take a few minutes to register your party