Experiential Learning

Use Your Head—and Your Hands

As a Wentworth student, you see what it means to be part of a “maker community” every day. Here, classroom learning is never an end in itself, but rather a means to an end. Wentworth’s commitment to experiential learning gives you diverse opportunities to put your knowledge into action, transforming theory into practice as you engage in any number of hands-on activities designed to enrich your education.

Where you place your energies and ingenuity is up to you. There is much happening on campus (and off) to inspire you. Follow these links to get inspired by the programs and projects that your fellow classmates are involved in, and then begin to explore your own passions and interests as you learn by doing, combining your head and your hands.

EPIC Experiential Learning

EPIC Learning is the very essence of Wentworth’s commitment to learning by doing. By combining pure academics with practical experiences—blending theory and practice, thinking and acting—it empowers both faculty and students to take risks, experiment, and find the deeper purpose of their work.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Accelerate is the catalyst in pushing a student’s passion. Whether students decide to start their own ventures, work in startups, or become "intrapreneurs" for established companies, the experiences gained through Accelerate will position them for successes in the future. 

The Center for Community and Learning Partnerships

The Center for Community and Learning Partnerships has enabled Wentworth students and faculty to participate in a wide range of community service activities – both for credit and for the greater good. These projects provide transformative experiences for students while benefiting local organizations and addressing local needs.

Undergraduate Co-ops

Co-op experiences directly related to your field of study, allowing you to tie your coursework to concrete knowledge developed in the workplace.