EPIC Experiential Learning

EPIC Learning is the very essence of Wentworth’s commitment to learning by doing. By combining pure academics with practical experiences—blending theory and practice, thinking and acting—it empowers both faculty and students to take risks, experiment, and find the deeper purpose of their work. EPIC Learning represents a significant departure from traditional models of teaching, emphasizing immersion and innovation.

The role of EPIC Learning at Wentworth is to facilitate opportunities for our students to work on projects from external sources requiring the input, skills, and knowledge of multiple disciplines. These projects are grounded in solving real-world problems and issues brought forth by our partners in industry, government, and community organizations.

What EPIC means

EPIC Learning is an acronym for an approach to learning that closely mirrors what goes on in real workplaces across the country.

  • Externally collaborative learning helps students develop and practice the skills they need to work well with colleagues and other partners. At Wentworth, we are open to external collaborators of all kinds, from start-up businesses to major corporations to non-profits of all sizes to government bodies and agencies at all levels.
  • Project-based activities represent sustained efforts with specific objectives that offer exceptional learning opportunities for our students. Some projects span a few class sessions; others stretch over several semesters, with different teams of students carrying out different phases.
  • Interdisciplinary teams give students the experience of working side-by-side with people from different academic backgrounds and work experiences. Whether it’s future architects and construction managers, industrial designers and biomedical engineers, or mechanical engineers and computer scientists, students learn more about their own discipline as well as other fields when they work together.
  • Culture is the supportive atmosphere at Wentworth that encourages the application of collaboration, experimentation, and innovation among our administration, faculty, and students to develop meaningful solutions to real problems facing society.