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Environmental Engineering Curriculum

The MS in Environmental Engineering is 31 credits. Students work with their advisor to create a course plan that includes all required courses and a selection of electives to fulfill the 31 credits. This listing includes both the required courses and the options for electives.

3-5 courses per term for full-time enrollment and 1-2 courses per term for part-time enrollment. 

Proposed Courses - Subject to Change


Course Title/Subject Credits Modality Required/Elective
Site Planning and Development (1) 3 Online Elective
Construction Engineering Management (2) 3 Online Elective
Contaminant Fate and Transport 3 Hybrid Required
Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes 3 Hybrid Required
Thesis 3 On-campus Required


Course Title/Subject Credits Modality Required/Elective
Advanced Soil Mechanics (1) 3 Hybrid Elective
Advanced Foundations (2) 3 Hybrid Elective
Environmental Biological Systems 3 Hybrid Required
Directed Projects 3 On-Campus Elective
Thesis 3 On-campus Required
Seminar 1 Hybrid, On-Campus, Online Options Required


Course Title/Subject Credits Modality Required/Elective
Water Reuse Applications 3 Online Required
Eng Modeling and Analysis 3 Hybrid Elective
Prestressed Concrete 3 Hybrid Elective
Construction Operations Methods (1) 3 Online Elective
Estimating and Scheduling (2) 3 Online Elective
Sustainable Infrastructure (1) 3 Online Elective
Infrastructure Renewal (2) 3 Online  Elective
Thesis Hour 3 On-campus Required

(1) Offered in Odd Years

(2) Offered in Even Years

**Additional Electives offered thru other WIT graduate programs such as Construction Law, Design Strategies for Low Carbon Bldg, Urban Resiliency, Real Estate for CM (not a complete list)

***Additional Electives offered thru Colleges of the Fenway (Approval from Advisor Required)