Interdisciplinary Engineering Programs

Electromechanical Engineering

Students in the five-year Electromechanical Engineering program gain a solid foundation in both electrical and mechanical engineering. Students will apply high-level design and analytic techniques to complex projects as they bridge the interface between mechanical and electronic systems. Graduates of this five-year program go on to work in the fields of fiber-optic communications, computers and peripherals, transportation, alternative energy systems, biomedical engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and automated control systems. Students who complete their degree are well-positioned to pursue a Professional Engineering (PE) license.

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Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering is an innovative interdisciplinary degree program for students who wish to supplement their engineering education with electives that match their personal interests and broaden their career options. The combinations are varied and limited only by your interests and imagination. Our engineering students have focused on fields ranging from computer science, biology and chemistry to management, music and art.

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